Mrin Agarwal

Mrin Agarwal


Hi I am Mrin Agarwal. I have been a career investment advisor and was one of the top advisors in India. I have worked in large banks and have expertise in investment advisory, banking and stock markets, given my 21 years of experience in this sector.

I was successfully managing a very large portfolio andhave given that up to pursue my passion of financial literacy. It all started with Womantra( put the logo with link to womantra sub page)- a financial education program for working women professionals to empower them to be truly financially independent.

The experience pointed out some worrying trends- Lavish lifestyle coupled withignorance of money management = uncertainty

My aim is to make Indians specifically women and millennials to be financially secure. For this, I partner with corporates and organisations to better the financial foundation of their employees. For individuals, I do financial makeovers and have lot of free information on this website to help answer your queries. I want to share the steps to financial success that helped me pursue my passion, with YOU.

My team and I have impacted over 25,000 people in the last 4 years and have won the Grand Jury Award for work done towards financial education and inclusion in CNBC Financial Advisor Awards 2015 & 2017.

Here’s how we can help you-

– Give you unbiased information on personal finance in simple and easy to understand manner
– Educate you on the nuances of managing money
– Provide you practical and implementable solutions through financial makeovers
– Run Financial Programs at organisations

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