What is Finstart?

FinStart is the latest e-learning module rolled out by Finsafe. A Financial Inclusivity initiative, FinStart is targeted at people just beginning their financial journey and those with limited means. Both these segments are likely to overlook financial planning with the misconception that their income is too less to call for management. Starting early and starting small goes a long way in ensuring that you reach your monetary goals.
Executed through entertaining and fun-filled storytelling, FinStart welcomes you into the wonderful world of money and tells you ways of making the most of it. You can expect to learn all about saving, investing, building great credit scores, loans, insurance, mutual funds, tax planning and various government and private schemes to help you meet your goals.

  • A fun filled 45 minutes course with all the basics of personal finance
  • Information about savings, investment, credit-building, insurance & tax planning
  • Covers various Financial Products that aid your life goals
  • Budget Planners, Financial Goal Calculators and printable Money Tips
  • Help from expert Financial Planners & links to invest

What is Finsmart?

Finsafe’s e-learning module, FinSmart covers the why, how and what of financial planning. FinSmart is created for those with aspirations of getting their disposable income to work as hard as they do and build wealth to fund their dreams. Concepts like inflation, compounding and risk are demystified to provide adequate data points on financial planning.
FinSmart covers basics of financial instruments such as mutual funds, debt instruments, insurance and pension. The suitability of investment tools for various goals and customizing individual investor portfolios are described in detail.

  • Strategies to manage your finance portfolio optimally
  • Comprehensive Financial Planner
  • Complete overview of investment tools
  • Practical tips on managing personal wealth
  • Model Portfolio & link to invest
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