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All about Thematic Funds

Mrin Agarwal answer all investor queries related to mutual funds

Mrin Agarwal answer all investor queries around managing money and building a portfolio

Mutual Fund Nominations guidelines

Best mutual funds for short term goals

How to deal with inflation

All about Financial Planning

Managing equity investments for better returns

Sensex near 75K: 5 investments to get your financial journey right

How the national pension scheme can be utilized for early retirement

3 key investments for a sound portfolio

3 key investments for a sound portfolio

Why you need professional help on your finances & tax filing

International Women’s Day 2024: 7 steps that lead to financial empowerment

Tax saving investments deadline

Mutual Fund stress test and risk in small and midcap funds

Retirement Planning for women

How women can manage finances during a divorce

Investing in Large cap funds

Investment products for women

Mutual Funds – When to exit or switch?

Investing in equity mutual funds

Hybrid Funds – All you need to know

Large and Midcap Equity Funds – Should one invest?

Here is how women can inspire financial inclusion for themselves

37% women not sure if they have enough money for emergency: Finsafe India women’s survey

At 30% gains, is it good to book profits or stay invested?

4 simple steps for a financially successful 2024

Budget for Women: Can Nirmala Sitharaman incentivise more savings and nudge to health insurance?

Why investments for retirement need a tax nudge

Safeguarding oneself from mis-selling

All about tax saving investments – Watch the video to know more

Interim Budget 2024 wish list: 15 income tax, personal finance ideas for the Finance Minister

Tax saving on donations is not a given. Know why

Planning for Financial Goals

Prioritizing the right goals is key to an investor’s financial freedom

All about small caps and SMID

Things to keep in mind while investing in 2024

All about RBI’s UDGAM portal

Exchange Traded Funds

IPO funds

Investing in Gold

Soaring gold prices & the glint of sovereign bonds for the metal

Active and passive mutual funds

Planning your finances in 2024

Children’s education planning

Marriage Loans

Where should you invest this Diwali?

The new withdrawal rules for NPS: Why it is a better option

Raising children to be financially responsible.

Investments into Small Savings schemes

Reviewing mutual fund portfolio

Benefits Of SIPs

Gold Investment Strategies

Decoding risks in investments at various stages

Mutual Fund Exit Strategy

Investing in Index funds

Investment Decisions You Should Take Before You Turn 40

Should you pledge gold to invest in equities?

How to overcome the dilemma of financial planning

NCDs, invoice discounting offer high returns but is the risk worth it?

Investing in mutual funds for short term goals

Investing in small and mid cap funds

Quant Funds

Cost of delaying financial planning

Upcoming New Fund Offers (NFO’s)

When and why portfolio reviews are necessary.

Simplifying taxes and ITR filing

Steps to achieve financial independence

How one can manage cash flows effectively

How lack of formal financial advice can prove costly for many investors

Building financial awareness and responsibility in children

Are you really prepared for early retirement?

Work the math on bettering your investment returns

Planning for children’s expenses

How to choose the right mutual fund to invest?

Things to keep in mind while filing Income Tax returns

Income Tax Return filing: Things to keep in mind while filing taxes

Retirement planning for millennials

Total expense ratio and its implications on Mutual Fund returns

Should one invest in Green Deposits?

National Pension System – All you wanted to know

The art of streamlining cash-flows post-retirement

Passive mutual funds

Why comfort is a deterrent to growing wealth

Formula for getting extra pension

Thumb Rules Of Investing

Investing In New Categories of Funds

23% of salaried people aren’t prepared for financial emergencies: Survey

Financial decisions to be taken this fiscal year

Investing in Government Bonds

Beware of ponzi schemes and Fininfluencers

New finance act: The downside for investors on withdrawal of tax nudges

Talk inheritance with your spouse before it’s too late

Debt Mutual funds – Should one invest?

Best investment options for women

Two investments women should stay away from

Why do women need to embrace equities.

Mrin Agarwal journey in the financial education space and her tips for women to achieve financial freedom

Impact of opting for higher pension under EPS

What the higher pension option means for EPFO subscribers

Investment strategy for fixed-income schemes

Redeeming Mutual Fund Investments

Best fixed return investment options

Post-budget, here are the products that investors need to focus on now

Budget 2023 – Implications on insurance maturity taxation

Insights on the implications of Budget 2023

Four easy steps to make 2023 profitable

SIPs in mutual funds and answer investor queries

Learn how to invest, grow and spend money in 2023

IIFL ELSS Nifty 50 Index Fund

How to write a frictionless will and pass on assets to your loved ones

Bharat Bond ETF – Should you invest?

Don’t rely on insurance agents or CAs for financial advice

Now is the time to learn from investing misconceptions

Investment-linked life insurance schemes are conning you

Only 27% of surveyed individuals have an emergency corpus and insurance

Is Employee Provident Fund still a good choice?

How new investors can handle their first bear market

Ladies, stick to the basics while managing money

Guarding yourself from misselling and bank frauds

How women can find financial happiness

Equal-Weighted Index Funds – Should you invest? – CNBC-TV-18

Investment options for Retirement – Zee Business

How to Beat Inflation? – ET Now

New SEBI guidelines on Passive Funds and their implications – ET Now

Should You Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to Diversify Your Portfolio?

Seven Smart Ways to Simplify Finances for Women – ET Now

How to upgrade retirement plan?

Money Management Tips for Couples – ET Now

How to Plan and Invest for Early Retirement?

How To Build A Corpus For Your Child’s Higher Education?

The Pros and Cons Of Investing In REITs

How to Build a Debt Portfolio?

How mutual fund investors can resolve their grievances?

How To Achieve Financial Independence by 40?

How to create a portfolio that can beat inflation?

Dealing with inflation in times of increasing interest rates

Credit cards – Best ways to maximise benefits

All Seasons Mutual Funds

Is Corporate FD A Good Bet Despite Big Risk?

How to select the right Mutual Funds for your portfolio?

Retirement Planning – When and how to plan?

Importance of Reviewing your Portfolio

Health Insurance – Things to keep in mind while buying Health Insurance

Why are investors moving away from debt mutual funds?

How senior citizens can cope with inflation

Buying bonds from fintech platforms? Convenience might come at cost of safety

Buying a property for rental income? Think again

Mrin Agarwal managed IT czars’, cricketers’ money, now she arms young India with financial knowledge

Too many options are confusing new investors

Key mistakes to avoid while investing

Can the salaried ever achieve financial freedom? Here are 3 easy steps to do so

Memo to investors: Outsmart your own biases

Decoding Capital Gains Tax On Mutual Funds & Understanding SIP Vs Lumpsum Investment

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