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FinSmart’ is holistic personal finance awareness program and includes all aspects of financial planning of an individual’s life like investing, borrowing and estate planning. The course is interactive and has calculators and a comprehensive financial planner. FinSmart is created for those with aspirations of getting their disposable income to work as hard as they do and build wealth to fund their dreams. FinSmart is intended for people above 28-30 years old, who are interested to learn in more detail on how to manage their money. FinSmart would also be helpful for employees in 40s and 50s, for retirement planning. FinSmart is also a good life skill course for final year students.

The course covers :

  • – Basics of investing
  • – Detailed information on all financial products like fixed deposits, mutual funds, insurance, gold, pension schemes, credit cards etc
  • – Smart Borrowing
  • – Financial Planning calculator to help you create a financial plan for yourself

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