MrinTalks: My standpoint on the talking point this week- Rajnikant finally enters politics

This week the news of Rajnikant starting his own party dominated the news. His fans have been waiting for the longest time for him to join politics and reports say that the general public seems to be happy with his announcement. More so because he has promised a spiritual brand of politics based on dharma as compared to the caste and religion based politics which had been followed by politicians for decades.

While Rajnikant is a super hero in movies, will he prove to be a super hero in politics remains to be seen. However. from what I have read about Rajnikant, he is a simple person who reads a lot and seems to lead a well- balanced life despite his mega stardom. And these are probably the qualities which attract the general public to him.

While these qualities define a person, they also can be followed where money management is concerned. In my experience, staying grounded, investing in simple instruments and having a balanced portfolio  are the key attributes to growing one’s money over the long term.


I come across so many people trying out exotic products which they don’t understand( like bitcoins) and going overboard when certain asset classes are performing, For e.g., when gold was doing well, everybody was overstocking gold and now that equities are zooming, people are chasing the best performing funds/stocks in the last one year.

Simple living is the way to happy living!


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