MrinTalks: My standpoint on the talking point this week-Virushka & Planners

Virushka! For the last 2 weeks, the media has inundated us with pictures of the Virat & Anushka wedding. Not only did they look fab, their mantap, stage and surroundings looked lovely. Of course all this could not have happened without proper and detailed planning and from what I read in the social media, they hired a boutique wedding planner with a background in film production. Recently, one of my friends whose daughter is getting married shortly was mentioning to me the pressures of hiring a wedding planner to have everything done differently from other weddings. There is so much emphasis these days on  the look and feel of the venue for those 2-3 days of the wedding ceremonies. Of course, very few families actually stick to their wedding budget. When I attend these weddings, I actually wonder if it is so important to spend lakhs and crores on other people for that one day. Wouldn’t one be better off sticking to the budget and spending the money on bettering your children’s married life?

But to have more for your needs and experiences, one would need a financial planner which most couples do not think of nor do their parents guide them on how to start their financial life. If one can trust a wedding planner and pay them so much to plan for one day,  why not a financial planner who can plan your financial life to be stable and comfortable.

To summarize, parents must also hire a financial planner to guide  the couple getting married on how to start their financial life apart from helping the parents stick to their budget and financial plan.


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